Picking strawberries

Madis Merila. Pickitwise maasikarobot

Madis Merila

founder of Pickitwise.

Madis Merila, the founder of Pickitwise, has been a problem solver since childhood. Whether that meant picking apart homeelectronics or trying to escape dull work in the garden, his parents encouraged him to do.

Little did he know that this exact skill would later help him win robotics competitions and create solutions for many urgent issues, such as fields of strawberries unpicked due to the lack of workers. Thus, Pickitwise was born - an elegant solution for the benefit of sweet tooths around the world.

It's alive!

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What's new?

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The Pickitwise strawberry picking robot secured a seed investment.

Are robots saving our strawberry fields?

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The man solving our strawberry problem

We do have the capability to pick strawberries using robots and machine vision says Madis Merila from Pickitwise

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Some insights into the early developments of our strawberry picking robot.

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