Selective robotic strawberry picking

What makes us different?

The Pickitwise strawberry picking robot fits in your car, can be lifted by one person, can operate hours on tool battery and can be maintained as easily as any cordless powertool

Cutting edge technology

Smart machine vision enables detection of fruit ripeness and quality. Pickitwise can easily be trained to adapt to the specific conditions of your production.

Our cutting-edge smart vision system detects ripe strawberries without defects.

Precise and gentle

Our patent pending gripper grabs the fruit only by its stem and never touches the fruit itself.

Built for human beings

Farmers need simple and robust technologies. Our lightweight robotic arms are faster, require less energy per pick, need little maintenance and can be transported and maintained easily.

Our lightweight robot is fast, can operate from a solar panel, is easy to use and transport.

Pickitwise- the Estonian Strawberry picking robot. Selectively harvesting fruits

Our team

Madis Merila / founder

Madis started building robots in 2006 while learning robotics. Since then he has won Robotex, developed core technology for Starship Technologies and other robotic companies. He is a lifelong learner consuming two books a week and taking courses in AI, robotics, and machine vision in universities like MIT.

Toivo Värbu / mechanical engineer

Toivo studied aerospace, helped to design the ESTCUBE satellite and has been running companies for years. He is a great team builder and knows how to design a lightweight, compact and fast robot.

Priit Pedastsaar / horticulturist

After his studies in horticultural biochemistry, Priit spent 10 years developing Click & Grow - the world's most used home robotic gardening system. He is passionate about plants and disruptive agricultural technologies.

Martin Kambla / advisor

As the CTO of Timbeter, the AI based sustainable forestry management company, Martin is a real guru in AI, machine vision and industry specific process optimizations.

We are always looking for passionate people who want to change the future of agriculture. We would love to hear from you!

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What's new?

The Pickitwise strawberry picking robot making headlines

Getting ready for the season with a new arm and vision

The Pickitwise strawberry picking robot grabbing a moving berry with its new arm

Pickitwise featured in the Algorütm podcast

Introducing the newest developments of selective fruit harvesting on Algorütm.

Pickitwise is the winner of Prototron 2021!

The Pickitwise strawberry picking robot secured a seed investment.

Are robots saving our strawberry fields?

Pickitwise strawberry picking robot featured in Postimees!

The man solving our strawberry problem

We do have the capability to pick strawberries using robots and machine vision says Madis Merila from Pickitwise

Meet the Pickitwise robot in Skeemipesa!

Some insights into the early developments of our strawberry picking robot.

Better for the grower

  • Pick more fruit

    Avoid lost revenue due to the lack of pickers

  • Pick 24/7

    Night-time picking lets you be first to the market. Cooler temperatures during picking ensures better shelf-life.

  • Economically effective

    Fruits can be separated into different quality categories already at the picking stage. Reduced reliance on the fluid seasonal workforce reduces cost and risk.

  • Gentle picking

    Our patent pending gripper grabs fruits by the stem and never touches the fruit itself.

Better for the customer

  • Increase customer confidence

    Robotic strawberry picking allows total traceability from bush to plate. Intact fruit stems are an indisputable mark of product quality and authenticity.

  • Clean production

    Our robotic harvesters only touch berries by their stem and therefore do not spread human or plant diseases.

  • Better for the planet

    Robotic selective harvesting uses less fuel and leads to better agricultural practises producing less food waste.

  • Safety first

    Lightweight robots can safely work together with humans.

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Save the planet

Food growing uses tons of fuel, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Picking all the food enables to shrink resource usage and food waste up to 3 times.

Impact the lives of people

Pickitwise strives for better food and working conditions. Unlike so many startups today, we provide real benefits for real people. Invest in Pickitwise and help to shape the future of humanity.

The Pickitwise strawberry picking robot working in a greenhouse

Technical details

  • Dimensions: W: 750mm L: 1000mm H: 1000mm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Picking speed: 10kg/hour
  • Material: Aluminum & food grade stainless steel
  • Battery capacity: 4 hours

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